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Welcome to Pipsqueaks Creations formerly Lil' Pipsqueaks. Founded in 2005,  Pipsqueak Creations is situated in the heart of historic small town Nebraska. My Husband and I, along with our children live in this quaint village just minutes from the Omaha Metro, and within sight of the confluence of the Missouri and Platte Rivers. The community is rich with history and filled with a love for the arts. I find that I am so inspired by this place and I believe that shows in my art. I am an artist/designer. Four years ago I made the decision to work at home so that I might be the one to raise my children. I find creative ways to approach all aspects of my life from garden design to the aesthetics in my home. I paint and sculpt, but have found a real passion for doll making. It absolutely employs all of my interests. Painting, sewing, photography and more. I have done many creative things in my life, but, I have been making dolls of one kind or another since I was very young. I was nurtured in my creativity by my grandmother. She taught me to sew and encouraged me to paint. It is her inspiration that makes me the person and the artist I am today.
This is my grandma, did I mention she is beautiful?  She passed away on February 23, 2006. Her spirit lives on through us.